The Wragg Fire: Reflections from a veterinarian, firefighter and horse-owner…

The terse text message from my wife left me confused and anxious. It read simply “Should I evacuate?”

It was 4 PM on Wednesday afternoon and I was headed home early because my Fire Station had received a “Smoke Investigation” call. As a volunteer firefighter in Solano County, the only times I respond from Davis during work hours are on those rare occasions when there was a potential threat to our own road southwest of Winters. A simple smoke investigation call, however, hardly warranted an evacuation of our three horses and Beth would certainly know that.

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Photo of Dr. Michael Payne


Protecting Animal Feed Protects Our Food

Although not typically on the minds of the public, regulation and inspection of animal feeds affects them every day, from keeping their pet foods safe to preventing BSE (“Mad Cow Disease”) from entering the United States. Feed inspection is also important to farmers and ranchers by safeguarding livestock feed thus ensuring that the meat, milk and eggs produced are safe for humans as well.

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Invasion of Exotic Plant Disease: Practicing Our Emergency Response

What happens when an exotic plant disease spreads across the agricultural fields of your state? Plant and agricultural product inspectors are the front-line troops for controlling or eliminating parasites, fungi, bacteria and viruses that could impact your state’s natural resources and cultivated agricultural products.

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fictitious plant pathogen, Ruthayibacter taxicus