The Wragg Fire: Reflections from a veterinarian, firefighter and horse-owner…

Dr. Michael Payne, UCD veterinarian with the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security and volunteer firefighter, reflects on his involvement in the Wragg fire, and shares advice for horse owners preparing for wildfire, and the most important contingency provisions for transportation and relocation.

Protecting Animal Feed Protects Our Food

Although not typically on the minds of the public, regulation and inspection of animal feeds affects them every day, from keeping their pet foods safe to preventing BSE (“Mad Cow Disease”) from entering the United States. Feed inspection is also important to farmers and ranchers by safeguarding livestock feed thus ensuring that the meat, milk and eggs produced are safe for humans as well.

WIFSS letter to editor makes NYT

Dr. Bennie Osburn, dean emeritus of the School of Veterinary Medicine at U.C. Davis, and director of outreach and training at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security, writes in his letter to the editor of The New York Times that the critical role wildlife and domestic animals play in the spread of disease cannot be stressed enough. Wildlife have yielded 300 new viruses with the potential to infect people.