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California Community College Program Expansion: California Secure Food Supply (SFS) Enhanced Biosecurity Plans

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Project Leadership

The project leaders at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) at UC Davis include:

Bennie Osburn

Bennie Osburn, PI

WIFSS Project Staff

Heather Johnson,
Instructional Systems Designer


Richard Thompson,
Web/Graphic Designer

Michael Payne,
Dairy Outreach Specialist

David Goldenberg,
Food Safety and Security Training Coordinator

Community College Faculty

Brandi Asmus,
Woodland Community College  
Candice Stafford-Banks,
Woodland Community College
Jessica Cardosso,
San Joaquin Delta College

Project Overview

The UC Davis WIFSS Outreach team is continuing its work on the development of enhanced biosecurity plans for the farms in California and neighboring states by partnering with Woodland Community College and San Joaquin Delta College faculty. Together we are creating teaching materials, experiential learning activities, and assessments to teach college students about on-farm biosecurity and enhanced biosecurity programs, specifically the California Secure Food Supply (SFS) program. The newly developed teaching and learning materials will be integrated into existing degree and certificate programs at the colleges. The materials will be made available for other colleges throughout California to use and adapt for their programs, as well.

The goal of this program is to teach up-and-coming students studying animal science, veterinary medicine, farm sanitation, and agriculture about the importance of biosecurity for protecting the health and well-being of food animals, and for ensuring a safe and secure food supply.
Students who complete this course work will have an increased knowledge and understanding of critical on-farm biosecurity practices that we believe will make them more competitive in the job market in the near future. Farmers will need personnel who understand biosecurity concepts and have a working knowledge of the CA SFS program. Our course materials will help prepare students to meet this need in the agricultural industry in California, and in our neighboring, western states: Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Idaho, etc.

Project Objectives

Objective 1

Objective 1

Create one (1) enhanced biosecurity curriculum framework that will articulate with existing community college programs.

Objective 2

Synthesize fifteen (15) new online learning modules, learning activities, and/or video-based teaching aides on on-farm enhanced biosecurity theory and practice.

Objective 2

Objective 3

Objective 3

Train at least sixty (60) college students on enhanced biosecurity so that they can demonstrate their knowledge and skills on formative assessments and by completing on-farm enhanced biosecurity activities during a class field trip at the end of the semester.

Objective 4

Publish at least one article on the development of the curriculum and the delivery of the new course materials and experiential learning activities.

Objective 4

This project is funded by a grant from the USDA’s National Animal Disease Preparedness and Response Program (NADPRP). © UC Davis Western Institute for Food Safety & Security, All rights reserved.