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FSIS Releases Salmonella Action Plan

Chris Brunner, December 10, 2013

BlogSalmonellacowpigchickenThe USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has released a Salmonella Action Plan that outlines the steps it will take to address Salmonella in meat and poultry products. An estimated 1.3 million illnesses can be attributed to Salmonella every year.

The broad steps detailed in the Salmonella Action Plan will protect consumers by making meat and poultry products safer.  A top priority of the Action Plan is the modernization of the outdated poultry slaughter inspection system. The USDA states that by focusing inspectors’ duties solely on food safety, at least 5,000 illnesses can be prevented each year.

Read the press release here, and learn more about the Salmonella Action Plan.