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We bring people together from a wide variety of disciplines to address water quality, and food safety and security problems, through research and training.

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One Health

We educate about the link between people, animals, and the environment. This is the philosophy of One Health. Our curriculum empowers individuals and teams with the knowledge to take action.

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One Health for Food Safety chain

Food Safety

The health of people in society is directly related to the health of crops and produce, food animals and the environments in which they are produced.  The availability of safe food improves the health of people and is a basic human right.   Our food supply and our pet’s food supply are becoming increasingly global.

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Water Quality

Researchers in the Western Center for Food Safety’s Atwill Water and Foodborne Zoonotic Disease Laboratory located within the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security are playing an important role in ensuring safe water for agriculture through water quality surveillance and sharing of data with produce farmers and irrigation districts.

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