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Our conferences educate about the link between animals, people, and the environment and the role this One Health Triad plays in reducing risk factors associated with the food we eat.  Lectures, field trips, and team-building group work, provide the basic knowledge that can be applied to taking a multidisciplinary approach to complex problems related to food safety and security, environmental, and water quality issues.

Latest Conference

Davis Warriors was the name of the team.  They were one of four collaborative student learning groups at the WIFSS student conference on One Health for food safety and security.  Seven teammates worked together on a learning activity called, “Good Guys vs. Bad Bugs,” in which they explored the importance of sanitary practices on a dairy farm to protect animals from the disease-causing bacteria E. coli. In the activity, half of the team represented the dairy manager and staff, referred to as the “good guys,” and the other half of the team represented the E.coli, also known as the “bad bugs.” READ MORE


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