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DHS Course Highlights Potential Threats

Chris Brunner, November 21, 2013

David Goldenberg, from UC Davis, speaks to farmers and first responders in DHS Agrogerrorism course in Hanford, CADavid Goldenberg, Acting Program Manager and Coordinator for Field Training at the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS), was front and center, at the one-day agroterrorism training course held in Hanford, CA.  The training class, one in a series of six courses developed at WIFSS, and delivered through certified courses of the US Department of Homeland Security, is sponsored through the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium.

County officials, local farmers and ranchers, and frontline responders, got a crash course in agroterroism at the Hanford course which highlighted potential threats to food safety and food security.  Goldenberg emphasized the importance of awareness and preparedness, which includes an action plan in which growers know who to contact, and government agencies have a coordinated response strategy spelled out.

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