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Record-high Antibiotic Sales for Meat and Poultry Production

Chris Brunner, October 15, 2013

The cover of the Pew Charitable Trust article on Antibiotic ResidueThe Pew Charitable Trusts reports record-high numbers of antibiotics sold for use in meat and poultry. Could the practice of treating healthy animals with the same antibiotics used to treat sick people be contributing to the emergence of drug-resistant superbugs?

At the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security researchers and subject matter experts are committed to ensuring food safety.  WIFSS is collaborating with the FDA on course development designed to train regulatory personnel on conducting tissue residue investigations. Participants of the course will acquire skills and knowledge in gathering, developing, and documenting evidence during investigations. Topics with livestock, dairy, swine and poultry will include investigational techniques, regulations, policies, residue sources, extra label use of veterinary drugs, and include production and marketing practices of animal derived foods.

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