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WIFSS Furthers Collaboration for Global Food Safety

Chris Brunner, October 20, 2014

Ming Xu, Vice Governor, Jingsua Province, China and Dr. Bennie Osburn, Director, Outreach & Training, WIFSS

Ming Xu, Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province and Dr. Bennie Osburn, stand outside Vet Med 3B prior to tours.

Vice Governor Ming Xu of Jiangsu Province, China, met with foodborne and waterborne disease experts and one health specialists at the University of California, Davis, on October 10, to discuss the proposal for a One Health Center for Food Safety at the National Agricultural University (NAU) in the Jiangsu Province.

The collaboration between UC Davis, NAU, the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS), the One Health Institute, and the School of Veterinary Medicine, brings the expertise to create a One Health Center for Food Safety that addresses the complex global issues of poverty, new and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, safe foods, a sustainable food supply, and the need for a safe and healthy environment for animals and people throughout the world.

The Vice Governor was accompanied by a delegation of four high ranking government officials including the Deputy Director General for the agriculture committee and the Director General of the department of water resources.

Dr. Xinbin Chen, Director of Veterinary Oncology at the School of Veterinary Medicine, guided the delegation on a tour of the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital, the Center for Companion Animal Health, the One Health Institute and the Atwill Water and Foodborne Zoonotic Disease Laboratory.

Executive Director of the One Health Institute, Dr. Jonna Mazet, and Associate Director, Dr. Tracey Goldstein, greeted the delegation as they arrived at the institute. Mazet informed them about the One Health Institute programs and Goldstein gave an overview of diagnostic and climate change programs.

Dr. Rob Atwill, Director of WIFSS, led the delegation on a tour of the Atwill lab where they saw demonstrations on water quality and produce related pathogens affecting produce.

Following the tours, the delegation assembled in Gladys Valley Hall to participate in presentations discussing the One Health Center for Food Safety at NAU. Dr. Atwill addressed the delegation about the impacts of food safety factors in changing agricultural ecosystems.

Dr. Adrieane Martin, Vice Provost of Outreach and International Programs at UC Davis, talked about UC Davis programs and the global programs that the campus is involved with.

Dr. Bennie Osburn, Director of Outreach and Training at WIFSS, spoke to the group about the important role the One Health Center for Food Safety will play in dramatically improving the food systems in China and the entire world.

Osburn is enthusiastic when he discusses the vision of the center, “to create a highly trained academic and regulatory workforce with the skills needed to address the global food safety challenges.”


Dr. Rob Atwill and Vice Governor Ming Xu look on as Lab Manager Jennifer Chase demonstrates water pathogens growing on bacterial culture media.











Dr. Xinbin Chen points out donor plaque to the Vice Governor while on tour at the CCAH.