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WIFSS News Roundup – 2014

Chris Brunner, January 4, 2015

WIFSS News Roundup - 2014

WIFSS has actively pursued its intended role of assisting the advancement of food safety and security on many fronts during 2014 and is using this as a springboard for planned activities during 2015.  WIFSS’s role is to facilitate those activities which benefit all aspects of the food chain from producers to consumers, by assuring a safe and secure food supply.


Water Conference Exceeds Expectations

The Western U.S. Irrigation Water Conference exceeded expectations by bringing together a dynamic group of researchers and stakeholders representing key produce production areas from the western United States across to the Midwest, Eastern Seaboard and Southern agricultural regions.

Dogs Sniff out Food-borne Pathogens

Growing Produce

A Western Institute for Food Safety and Security study may provide investigators with an added tool during outbreak investigations. In addition to boots on the ground, there could be paws on the ground in future investigations.

Western Institute For Food Safety And Security Strives To Keep Food Safe

Growing Produce

Few growers have likely heard of the Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) and that’s probably a good thing because it means that for the most part, Americans are safe and secure.

Improving Food Safety

One World One UC Davis

Rob Atwill and Christopher Kilonzo, are answering the complex questions of how disease-causing microorganisms enter the produce fields of California to cause foodborne illnesses.


Food Safety on Display at Farm-to-Fork

WIFSS shined the spotlight on food safety at the Farm-to-Fork Festival.

Dairies, water-use, and the drought

Of all of agriculture, dairies are the undisputed authorities on water conservation and recycling, but with California in its third year of drought what are the economic pressures faced by family dairies? Dr. Michael Payne reports on the critical situation.

Drought Guidance for Dairy Producers

The current 2014 winter season remains the driest since record keeping began in the 1800’s. This may actually be the longest, most severe drought in California in the last 500 years. What’s the impact on the California dairy industry?


Protecting the U.S. food supply from agroterrorism

Homeland Security Newswire

Researchers at the University of California-Davis’ (UC-Davis) Western Institute for Food Safety and Security (WIFSS) are studying vulnerabilities of the U.S. agricultural system to the threats of agroterrorism.

Farm to warfare: UC Davis institute stands watch against agroterrorism

Sacramento Bee

WIFSS is on the forefront of fight to limit disease outbreaks and prevent agroterrorism.

WIFSS Animals in Disasters Courses Piloted in Sonoma

California Ag Today

Without coordinated response, awareness and resources, those animals left behind in a natural or man-made disaster most often do not survive. The Western Institute for Food Safety and Security offers a series of Animals in Disasters courses that help prepare first responders and community members for animal related emergencies.

Hartnell offers courses for an unthinkable ag threat

The Californian

WIFSS is partnering with Hartnell college to conduct training courses which underscore the importance of awareness and of being prepared for disasters that can affect the agricultural industry.


WIFSS Promotes International Food Safety

How do you promote safe food across the food continuum in China? This and other top priority topics were discussed at a high level meeting in China.

Education Key to Food Safety in 21st Century

At the One Health Food Safety Symposium held October 23 -24, in Nanjing, China, academia and government discussed the importance of a global education system to address the challenges of food safety in the 21st century.

Expanding Global Reach of One Health

UC Davis and Nanjing Agricultural University will work together addressing complex global issues of poverty, new and re-emerging zoonotic diseases, safe foods, a sustainable food supply, and the need for a safe and healthy environment for animals and people throughout the world.

NAU Students Visit Davis

Students from Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) learned about opportunities in research and educational programs at UC Davis during recent visit to Davis.