Dr. Bennie Osburn, Heather Johnson, and David Goldenberg from @WIFSS attended the CalOES State Training Partners (STP) meeting held on Thursday, February 20, 2020 at the California’s Governor’s Office of Emergency Services in Mather, CA. The meeting was hosted by Jim Ayre and Adam Sutkus, both from CalOES. Alex Cabassa, the Assistant Director, Cal OES Superintendent, CSTI was also in attendance, along with other key players from Cal OES. Representatives from various California state training areas gave updates on the programs in California, including law enforcement (POST), fire service (CalFire and Cal-JAC), emergency medical services (EMSA), public health services (CDPH), emergency management (CalOES), and food safety (WIFSS). This meeting was a great opportunity for networking and learning about ways in which the state training partners can work together as “force multipliers” to increase the impact of training for all jurisdictions in California.