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Symposium Fosters Dialogue for Graduate Education Opportunities

Chris Brunner, April 13, 2015

Nanjing Agricultural University students looking at samples in lab Students from Nanjing Agricultural University observe bacertia samples in the Atwill Water and Foodborne Zoonotic Disease Laboratory at UC Davis. 

[/caption]A three-day symposium sponsored by Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU), and UC Davis, will take place on the Davis campus in early April. The NAU-UC Davis One Health Food Safety Symposium provides the combined faculty expertise of the two universities to help start a one of a kind graduate education program for the One Health Center for Food Safety at NAU. One of the important aspects of this graduate education program is to help foster the development of future NAU faculty, scientists, and research workers that will be expertly trained with knowledge and skills related to identification and prevention of foodborne diseases in China using a One Health approach to food safety.  The symposium will facilitate dialogue between NAU and UC Davis faculty who will be grouped by topics of similar subject matter together on the program. Faculty attending the symposium are helping build the foundation of the Center by creating new opportunities for graduate students and graduate education.