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Water Sampling 101 Video Series

Chris Brunner, June 5, 2017

Good Fruit Grower Magazine produced a series of YouTube videos based on water sampling demonstrations at the FSMA Water Quality Workshops in Central Washington State. The videos feature Melissa L. Partyka, an ecologist at the UC Davis Western Institute for Food Safety and Security, (WIFSS) and Ronald F. Bond, a water quality researcher and field coordinator with WIFSS.

The video below for “FSMA water sampling 101: Tips for sampling irrigation canal water,” provides a quick how-to for obtaining accurate water samples from irrigation canals for lab testing. More information on these techniques can be found in the Good Fruit Grower Magazine story Water Sampling 101.

View the complete video library from the 2017 FSMA Water Quality Testing Workshop at Food Safety answers: What’s in your water?